The C Word

OMG the woman in shock
What day is it?

Since starting my very small and modest business the C word has taken on a whole new meaning… Christmas! Sorry to those who thought I was about to start throwing out some explicit content, but Christmas is fast becoming a word I shudder to think about.

When I think of Christmas now I am instantly transported to a few months back, where I’m rocking back and fore in the corner, covered in bubble wrap, muttering words like sticky tape and labels.

In my first year trading over Christmas I had a grand total of around 10 orders, and to me I was ‘super busy’ and as I looked proudly at my order board I thought to myself ahh, I’ve got enough to buy some sandwiches here, pat your bad self on the back!

If I only knew what the next Christmas would do to me; the dribbling, the crazy hair, the unshaved legs and the constant smears of glue being picked off my clothes! My brain was on overload, and here I am, years after my raving days, wondering how my brain could ever be this scatty again.

So Christmas is something I no longer look at as festive and merry, but a period of pure chaos, with customers and deadlines, queries, stock control, packaging issues, and persistent chatter in my head telling me BE FASTER! And all the while I’m here, still covered in glue, trying to make this Christmas even better than the last for my 4 year old beautiful girl.

Am I doing this right? I have no idea. I’ve never studied business, how to manage things, how to keep a level head when the pressure is really on. All I know is it’s now February, and Christmas is still very fresh in my mind, but I got through it. I may have had extremely furry legs, matted hair and I swear at one point I found a few cut out flowers down my cleavage, but I survived my first real chaotic busy period and even though I still have a few horrific dribbling flashbacks, I know I’ll be ok with whatever this crazy adventure throws at me.



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