So it begins.. with poop!

I started this not knowing whether to share my gift shop, or keep it separate from my rambling! I love my shop though and can’t help but want to share it on here.

I started Love4Lemons in July 2015. At the time I was going through a particularly bad flare up of the condition I suffer from. I have a form of IBD called Ulcerative Colitis, the very short explanation of this is I spend most of my life in the loo, and can now quite easily talk about poop and use the word ‘bowels’ without feeling embarrassed! All my shame left me the day I had to have a camera shoved somewhere not too nice!

When you have to sit with a Doctor and rate your poop on an actual poop chart (a real thing i kid you not!!) something inside you dies a little!! I became so unwell I thought Right, enough is enough, its only a matter of time before I mess myself at work, get this little venture of yours up and running!

And there you have it, Love4Lemons was born, and all through fear of me shitting myself at work! What a magical story to tell the grandkids in years to come.

I struggled so badly with confidence at the start, and still do now. My shop has changed a lot since its very early days and I can remember exactly when my first thought of the light box idea happened. For the next year I was in and out of my employment through illness, trying to get my little shop noticed, and then after a few subtle hints thrown my way that I was about to lose my job, I decided to jump before I was pushed… and I’m so glad i did!!

Having a mortgage, a child and no reliable income was so scary, I had no idea if this was going to work or how we would support ourselves. I’m so thankful my partner stood by me, and the strangest thing is, as soon as I left my job, my online shop went crazy, as if by magic! Whatever it was, coincidence, fate, or those “success” gem stones I bought to carry around with me, something started to work, and I also FINALLY stopped feeling so unwell.
I realised at that moment, all the things you take for granted, like being able to leave the house without fear of pooping yourself!

So with this very brief start-up story done, here is my shop for all who would like to take a look

 Love4lemons on Etsy


One of my light up jars πŸ’œ

(p.s. my shop is on holiday mode at the moment) It might not show you much!

🌼 LemonLady 🌼


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